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LHUFT Resource Center Mission


The mission of the Language as a Human Factor in Aviation Resource Center is to improve aviation safety through better understanding of language and culture as human factors in aviation.  

LHUFT Objectives


The Language as a Human Factor in Aviation Resource Center is website dedicated to improving safety in aviation by generating and sharing information and research on language use in aviation.

The LHUFT Center is supported and managed by 







To partner, support, or collaborate with the LHUFT Center, write me at Elizabeth at lhuft dot org.







LHUFT Center Copyright Policy


The LHUFT Center encourages the sharing, use, and distribution of the LHUFT owned information provided on this website. The material and information on the LHUFT website may be copied and used as long as it correctly attributed and the author of the material, if indicated, or the LHUFT Center, is acknowledged.


Materials on this website without an author attribution are the property of the LHUFT Center and may be used as long as the LHUFT Center is acknowledged in references.


Materials and documents linked to this website are the property of those authors or publishers.



The LHUFT Resource Center aims to 


  • Bring insights and expertise about language in aviation from the field of Applied Linguistics to all considerations of aviation communications

  • Compile and index previously published research on communication, language, and culture in aviation​

  • Conduct and support meaningful research on language and culture in aviation


  • Advocate for better understanding of the impact of language and culture on aviation safety

  • Support improved understanding of the role of language and culture in the investigation of accidents and incidents

  • Increase linguistic and cultural awareness among international pilots and air traffic controller


  • Advocate for best practices in aviation language teaching, education, and testing.



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