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Best Practices

Safety Management and Training

Safety Management Systems incorporates


All aviation training including human factors, CRM, and TEM, flight and maintenance training, inter alia, incorporates. 

Only by properly dealing with language in aviation at every level can we improve safety. It is important that accident investigaters bring some depth of language awareness to their work so that they can uncover even more subtle but important language factors. The industry tends to act on issues that receive urgent attention. 


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Policy Development and Research

All organizational, corporate, regional, national, or international language related policy is developed with the expertise of a language specialist with a background in Applied Linguistics and some degree of aviation operational familiarity. 

Accident Investigations

Protocols for Accident Investigations include specific and detailed questions concerning language used in all aspects of the flight: English and other language proficiency of pilots and controllers, determination of language(s) used on flight deck, radiotelephony communications, possible reading issues, and other issues. If language is suspected as a possible causal or contributory factor, then the expertise of a language specialist with a background in Applied Linguistics and some degree of aviation operational familiarity is consulted. 

Teaching and Testing

All aviation English instructors either have or are actively seeking advanced graduate degrees in TESL or Applied Linguistics and actively seek to advance their formal understanding of aviation operational contexts in which their learners operate. 


Aviation operational specialists (controllers or pilots) are an important exception and teach with a certificate in hand. 


Aviation English Teacher training programs exist to support

  • ESL instructors who need to continue to improve their TESL academic credentials;
  • Pilots and controllers who wish to teach Aviation English;
  • ESL instructors who wish to better understand the operational context of aviation English. 

AE teacher trainerss have at least a master degree in TESL/Applied Linguistics.

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